Core Products
T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts
Cotton, Cotton-Poly Blend
Production Avg.
1-2 days
Fulfillment Location
Detroit, MI, USA

Direct-to-Garment (Retired)

In September, 2022, Bespoke Labs completed fully transitioning our primary Detroit, MI, production facility from DTG printing to the revolutionary next generation print method, DIGISOFT™

Direct-to-garment print technology was developed in the 1990s & made cost-effect low-run apparel printing possible for the first time by allowing digital images to be printed on garments without the need for physical screens. While revolutionary in its own right for its time, this first generation digital print method has proven unreliable and inconsistent in the years since its inception — with inherent flaws that ultimately made it impossible to consistently achieve retail-quality prints. 

DIGISOFT™ technology is an innovation developed by Bespoke Labs in conjunction with our worldwide partners, painstakingly engineered to outperform both DTG and DTF print methods — making consistent, retail-quality on-demand printing at-scale possible for the first time ever. 

Check out our DIGISOFT™ page for more information and contact us for access to DIGISOFT™ product fulfillment options.  

Product Gallery

DTG Product Types

    • Unisex T-shirts
    • Unisex Tank Tops
    • Unisex Long-Sleeved Shirts Unisex Sweatshirts
    • Unisex Hoodies
    • Ladies T-Shirts
    • Ladies Tank Tops
    • Ladies Long-Sleeved Shirts
    • Ladies Sweatshirts
    • Ladies Hoodie
    • Plus Sized Tees
    • Plus Sized Sweatshirts
    • Plus Sized Hoodies
    • Youth T-Shirts
    • Youth Tank Tops
    • Youth Hoodies
    • Youth Long-Sleeved Shirts
    • Infant T-Shirts
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Definitions & Rating Criteria


  • Color – are you limited to a small number of colors? How vibrant are the colors?
  • Detail/Clarity/Accuracyhow well does the print resemble the original artwork? Are details preserved? Is the print crisp?
  • Visual Appealwhat’s the overall impression of the print? Does it pop?

Print Performance:

  • Longevitydoes it hold up to multiple washes?
  • Strengthis it delicate or easily damaged?
  • Feelhow does it feel in your hand? Is it smooth & pleasing or rough & scratchy? Sticky? Heavy?


  • Consistencyis there consistency of color, vibrancy, & crispness across various colors & materials? Does the design look the same from one print to the next?
  • Error Ratehow likely are print errors?
  • Wastehow much waste is involved in the print process? Is it environmentally friendly?


  • Versatilityhow many types of materials can this method successfully print on? Are there limited print locations available?
  • Speedhow quickly can a garment be decorated?
  • Difficultyhow much effort does it take to print? Is there a lengthy setup process or significant infrastructure required?

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