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Bespoke Labs powers thousands of the world’s top brands with proprietary print-on-demand mass customization technology. 

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Our mass customization capabilities bring us the ability to do incredible things. Technology Driven. Human Centered. Powered by propriety platforms and passionate young minds. That’s how we do it in Detroit.

With 350+ uniquely customizable print-on-demand products, from apparel to home goods & accessories, the sky's the limit for businesses with Bespoke Labs POD products.


POD Products

POD Products

Our white label solutions power over 50,000 storefronts that collectively get over 100 million annual page views.


White Label Platform

White Label Platform

Your products are decorated, consolidated and shipped in a fraction of the time of our competitors.


Order Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment
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Our seven-acre city block facility carries forward the proud lineage of Detroit manufacturing — changing the world by bringing high-quality custom product creation and personalized experiences to the masses like never before.

Walk inside and you’ll see fleets of high-tech machinery with cutting edge technologies like robotics and production automation, powered by advanced proprietary back-end systems — all seamlessly integrated into highly efficient workflows that ensure order accuracy, quality, and speed like few can hope to match. 

And it doesn’t stop there. The heart and soul of Bespoke Labs is our passionate expert team of in-house operators, craftsmen, engineers, developers, and designers — who hang their hat on delivering industry leading offerings and innovations for our partners and customers.

You can see the results in our fully integrated ecommerce experiences, decoration methods like DIGISOFT™, our ground-breaking new print technology engineered to outperform DTG & DTF — along with Dye-Sublimation, Custom Embroidery, and advanced Digital Printing — all decorated, consolidated, and shipped on-site at speeds you and your customers demand.

We take the hassle out of customization so you can focus on taking care of business.

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What Makes Us Run

Bespoke Labs has developed a proprietary web-to-product manufacturing system and fulfillment solution that marries the premium pricing of low volume customized products while eliminating costly setup. You need it now, so we deliver:


Next Generation On-Demand Print Technology by Bespoke Labs

DIGISOFT™a Bespoke Labs Innovation — is the next generation digital print technology the world has been waiting for. Engineered to deliver exceptionally high-quality prints on even the toughest fabrics, DIGISOFT™ is on-demand printing as it was always intended. Fully evolved.

DIGISOFT™ empowers you to create apparel products as inspiring as your ideas. Think limitless design freedom, real durability, & creativity unbounded from traditional constraints. With DIGISOFT™ you’re in control like never before.

Equal parts DTG (Direct-to-Garment) & DTF (Direct-to-Film) print processes, DIGISOFT™ combines the best qualities of each without their limitations. The result is a ground-breaking product that’s visually-stunning, impossibly durable, surprisingly versatile, & objectively superior to the competition — delivered at a speed today’s world demands.

DIGISOFT™ prints are known for a sharp, consistent, true-to-color look with a soft, wearable feel, & impressive longevity on any fabric.

Welcome to the new standard for custom on-demand apparel printing.

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Definitions & Rating Criteria


  • Color – are you limited to a small number of colors? How vibrant are the colors?
  • Detail/Clarity/Accuracyhow well does the print resemble the original artwork? Are details preserved? Is the print crisp?
  • Visual Appealwhat’s the overall impression of the print? Does it pop?

Print Performance:

  • Longevitydoes it hold up to multiple washes?
  • Strengthis it delicate or easily damaged?
  • Feelhow does it feel in your hand? Is it smooth & pleasing or rough & scratchy? Sticky? Heavy?


  • Consistencyis there consistency of color, vibrancy, & crispness across various colors & materials? Does the design look the same from one print to the next?
  • Error Ratehow likely are print errors?
  • Wastehow much waste is involved in the print process? Is it environmentally friendly?


  • Versatilityhow many types of materials can this method successfully print on? Are there limited print locations available?
  • Speedhow quickly can a garment be decorated?
  • Difficultyhow much effort does it take to print? Is there a lengthy setup process or significant infrastructure required?

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