Core Products
Mugs, Blankets, Canvas, Pillows
Decoration Methods
Dye-Sublimation, UV
Production Avg.
1-3 days
Fulfillment Location
Detroit, MI, USA

Something for Every Space

P rint-on-demand home goods products continue to grow in popularity year-over-year, and it’s no big secret why: Consumers can endlessly personalize their living spaces – whether that means matching topical themes, color palettes, or just display memories to enjoy. On top of that, home goods always make great gifts for friends and family.

At Bespoke Labs, we’ve been curating a collection of home goods products that can be customized for a wide range of occasions and uses, from drink-ware like mugs, steins, and water bottles, to blankets, towels, pillows, plus decorative items like holiday ornaments and gallery wrapped canvas.

Each of these products are decorated at our Detroit production facility, normally within 1-3 days of order receipt. 

Product Gallery

Product Catalog

  • S6HATL Hand Towel – 15×30
  • S6BATL Bath Towel – 32×64
  • S6BETL Beach Towel – 37×74
  • SUBWF Sublimated Wall Flag
  • FLL Arctic Fleece Blanket 60×80
  • FLM Arctic Fleece Blanket 50×60
  • MSHL Premium Mink Sherpa Blanket 60×80
  • MSHM Premium Mink Sherpa Blanket 50×60
  • VPL Cozy Plush Fleece Blanket – 60×80
  • VPM Cozy Plush Fleece Blanket – 50×60
  • VPS Cozy Plush Fleece Blanket – 30×40
  • SUBORNC Circle Ornament
  • SUBORNH Heart Ornament
  • SUBORNO Oval Ornament
  • SUBORNS Star Ornament
  • UN5677 Coaster
  • 21150 11 oz. Color Changing Mug
  • 21550 15 oz. Color Changing Mug
  • 23663 20 oz. Stainless Steel Water Bottle
  • AM11OZ 11 oz. Accent Mug
  • AM15OZ 15 oz.  Accent Mug
  • BM11OZ 11 oz. Black Mug
  • XP8400S Silver Stainless Travel Mug
  • XP8400W White Travel Mug
  • XP8434 11 oz. White Mug
  • 21504 15 oz. White Mug
  • 22217 Beer Stein 22oz.
  • BM15OZ 15 oz. Black Mug
  • BABYBIB Baby Bib
  • Square Canvas 1.5” Depth (5 sizes)
  • Square Canvas 0.75” Depth (5 sizes)
  • Landscape Canvas 1.5” Depth (5 sizes)
  • Landscape Canvas 0.75” Depth (5 sizes)
  • Portrait Canvas 1.5” Depth (5 sizes)
  • Portrait Canvas 0.75” Depth (5 sizes)
  • Square Satin Poster Prints (4 sizes)
  • Landscape Satin Poster Prints (4 sizes)
  • Portrait Satin Poster Prints (4 sizes)
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Definitions & Rating Criteria


  • Color – are you limited to a small number of colors? How vibrant are the colors?
  • Detail/Clarity/Accuracyhow well does the print resemble the original artwork? Are details preserved? Is the print crisp?
  • Visual Appealwhat’s the overall impression of the print? Does it pop?

Print Performance:

  • Longevitydoes it hold up to multiple washes?
  • Strengthis it delicate or easily damaged?
  • Feelhow does it feel in your hand? Is it smooth & pleasing or rough & scratchy? Sticky? Heavy?


  • Consistencyis there consistency of color, vibrancy, & crispness across various colors & materials? Does the design look the same from one print to the next?
  • Error Ratehow likely are print errors?
  • Wastehow much waste is involved in the print process? Is it environmentally friendly?


  • Versatilityhow many types of materials can this method successfully print on? Are there limited print locations available?
  • Speedhow quickly can a garment be decorated?
  • Difficultyhow much effort does it take to print? Is there a lengthy setup process or significant infrastructure required?

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